Madness . . .

in general, and of the midnight kind. huge run-around day. a massive shopping list, many stops. at least one miramichier maybe coming in for tomorrow’s workshop, YAY! fingers and toes crossed. i miss those girls so much. yesterday i saw the most beautiful people. a boy so sexually charged i was lifted off the ground in his presence. i may have been electrocuted from his touch. a girl i couldn’t even bear to pass on the street. can you imagine being so beautiful that another woman would turn and walk the other way rather than meet you on the street?

Mood: purposeful
Drinking: coffee black
Listening To: still haven’t found what i’m looking for, u2
Hair: shimmery in this grey light

2 thoughts on “Madness . . .

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  1. Nope. The original workshop was scheduled for Moncton, but the leader was taken ill so it got cancelled. Rather than return the funding I volunteered to organise another workshop. The WFNB had four workshops this fall — one in Moncton, one in Sussex, and two in Sackville. But a workshop can happen anywhere a member or director volunteers to plan it.


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