At last!

Your Weekly Horoscope (Dec 5-11)

Now that Mercury has turned direct in Scorpio and Jupiter is well placed in this zone, there is no stopping you at work, Kellie. You may feel like conquering the world, or at least meeting the challenges that come your way with additional verve and panache. If you need to get fit, this is the time to do so, although Jupiter can also make you feel fairly lazy if you are not prepared to push yourself. It will take some willpower but the rewards will be well worth it. Mars turns direct in Taurus on Friday and this is going to help you to visualize your goals more realistically and to plant them in the depths of your subconscious mind. Things should start to sprout and germinate within from this point onward. You will sense that things are happening even if you can’t see much evidence on the surface. The Sun highlights your partnerships and relationships, bringing then into focus and giving you a chance to make arrangements or talk through any issues if necessary. Saturn is going to be retrograde in Leo for some time, so you need to get used to weighing every word and thought and assessing its true value. A promising opportunity may come your way on Saturday.

Mood: energised baby!
Drinking: coffee, luke warm, with cream
Listening To: the sound of work being done and crossed off my list
Hair: itching for change . . . again

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