Month: December 2005

Just Another Day

another day on the mighty miramichi. freezing rain. ice pellets. showers. and now, snow. yee-haw! heavy wind on the base tonight, dunno what it’s doing in barnbonia. looks like a miramichi new years for me, head home on monday. all fired up with flipping the page, i am. […]


still here in the kingdom of barnbonia. the snow is much. i feel like i’ve gained a hundred pounds from all this crazy food i’ve been eating and being housebound for so many days, the inactivity aggravates my joints. feet aching. legs stiff. freezing rain now. not really […]

On Time

Knock on wood. So far I’m right on schedule for afternoon departure to Miramichi, where my father will meet me and whisk me away for last minute shopping details. No, not the mall, not Christmas gift shopping — I am not completely insane. I’m talking about the liquor […]

Ghost Town

It is not just my house that’s quiet. Out on the runaround today I couldn’t help but notice how quiet it is — I could hear dogs barking on the other side of town. There is NOBODY out there! Seriously. Downtown was dead. I’m so used to the […]

Six Years

Six years ago today I became an aunt. On the 18th we went for breakfast at Darlene’s where they were having a craft sale too . . . or something like that. It was a warm sunshiny sort of day. Over pancakes Sherry announced contractions, there’d been false […]


I hurt myself todayto see if I still feelI focus on the painthe only thing that’s realthe needle tears a holethe old familiar stingtry to kill it all awaybut I remember everythingwhat have I become?my sweetest friendeveryone I knowgoes away in the endand you could have it allmy […]

Beer Not Kids

I’ve always read Rick Mercer’s blog, but now that we’re into election mode there’s even more fun stuff going on over there . . . like this. I love it when he starts a petition! And he’s got more signatures than the competing petition. Some funny comments in […]

Sleepless In Sackville

That dog was here again last night. I think he comes with the girl’s boyfriend. He definitely arrives in the car with the PEI plates. He is adorable (the dog, not the boy, though the boy is ok too). It’s some sort of little spaniel, black and white […]

Orphans & Misfits

All week I’ve been wondering where all the money went that I had in my wallet last weekend before setting out on the spontaneous Freddy/Sussex road trip. What did I buy? All week I’ve also noticed that my purse weighed heavier on my shoulder, didn’t slide to the […]

Moonlight Madness

Impossible to sleep with this full moon stuff going on. Went to bed late. Woke way early with moon rays illuminating my desk. So I got up and made coffee. Struggled to get the computer to stay connected to the Internet. Seems stable now. I think the moon […]