Home Again (tidbits)

It’s good to be home again. No snow here. Green grass still. Warmer temps. Wore my winter coat on a little runaround this afternoon and nearly suffocated. Rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Sackville may be the perfect spot, cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter . . . if you don’t mind all the dark and dreary rainy days. I have antibiotics! Thank you jesus! I can’t wait until I get my head clear again, it’s been WAY too long. Also have some spray thingy I’m supposed to do a couple of times per day. Coinciding with any outings might be a good thing. Got my hair cut, but not too short, still longer layers, very Jon Bon circa 1995, no bangs, to my shoulders, thinned out (which is still thick) more healthy looking now, I had some serious split endz going on. Kind of liking this shade of blonde more now that it’s shorter, might keep it for a bit . . . tho going dark in spring is not likely to happen. While in Miramichi I saw Walk the Line and absolutely loved it! Did not get to the new restaurant with the amazing wine cellar or the teahouse. Didn’t even see Samuel and Jules, though me and Anna had a great day on Thursday. My workshop was snowed out. Next one in January, right on the heels of toronto. I’ll get off the train in miramichi instead of sackville, do the workshop that night, then go to freddy for wfnb board stuff. Can I handle living out of the suitcase for that long? I think so.

Mood: a little weird
Drinking: coffee with baxter cream
Listening To: System of a Down, Radio/Video
Hair: seems to be getting blonder daily and without any help

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