Da Girlz

Taking advantage of the Keenan’s family portrait absence to check email and blog. Sherry, Jenn, Marilyn, Carol, Liane, Raelene, Janice and myself in attendance last night. Good times! Confessions of firsts, an airing of the list. Usual suspects in common — Jon Bon, Tommy boy, the Pittster, etc. Some rare birds . . . John Goodman? Like seriously, what is up with that? And I see nothing wrong with having both Brad and Angelina on mine. Like if she knocks on my door I’m going to send her away!? The list of locals wanted but didn’t was somewhat shorter. I couldn’t think of anyone, at first, but there is only one. Does this make me pro-active? My secret ones weren’t revealed, though Sherry’s was a common thread. When the conversation lulled, the games came out. Played one where you walk into a room and have to guess who you are from what everyone says to you or how they treat you. I walked in to applause and a Good Morning! Guessed Katie Couric right away and was accused of cheating. Wrongfully! Can I help it if I’m just really good at that game?! Played some Act One and I got to be Farrah and do a little Charlie’s Angels. Only one clue though and Marilyn guessed it so I didn’t get to be Charlie or Bosley. The pop culture junkies amongst us had a lot of fun with that one. Had a round of Outburst where I have to say my team got all the hard topics . . . I’m sure forgeting Brazil was in South America had nothing to do with our loss . . . Taboo was really fun, though I never got to buzz Jenn properly. Not sure we kept score on that one. Only one bottle of wine consumed, and a few glasses of Navan. Sucked back quite a bit of pineapple, some gherkins in a raspberry vinegrette, cheese, crackers, and a plate of nachos with black olives, green onions and salsa. Yum! We really should do these girly get-togethers more often.

Mood: headachy
Drinking: nothing
Listening To: the damn aquarium
Hair: woo-hoo! light n lively! (but not pixied)

2 thoughts on “Da Girlz

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  1. It was a fun night, always nice to get in some girl time…….but I do believe it was ME that guessed your Charlie’s Angels……not that I’m keeping score or anything. 🙂


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