So Very Very Busy

I don’t feel that I’ve been blogging much lately, or writing anything productive for that matter. I’ve got stories on my brain, words that want to exit through my fingertips, but no time to even think about going there. I’m confident they’ll keep.

Wednesday night I had Sackville Writers’ Group. This just as BnM came back online, warts and all. I worked all night putting stories up only to have them disappear. Finally I thought it was working, went to bed for a few hours Thursday morning, got up and it was all gone again. This is the kind of stuff that happens when you’re in the beta stage. It’s frustrating, but eventually you iron out all the kinks and things run smoothly. We are not there yet. Though we are a little better off than we were Thursday.

I was supposed to start working on NB Ink on Thursday, but all the stuff wasn’t in and BnM REALLY needs me every waking moment. I MUST PUBLISH!! So, I put off Ink. I could’ve gone to the Film Society Movie, Water, at the Vogue. Lord knows I wanted to go, but I couldn’t duck out for a couple of hours. The phone was ringing. Tech support was forthcoming. Things seemed to be happening. The saga continued through Friday. Saturday I went to Sussex for a WFNB workshop with Sandra Phinney. It was good. On the bus ride over there I started reading the novel I had to critique for Sunday. I got a couple of chapters in anyway. Sunday morning I got up extra early and read the entire novel, noting things as I went. Ideally I would’ve liked to have read the book at least twice before giving feedback, but there just wasn’t time. I just finished and had to go to the meeting to discuss. This weekend is the Sackville workshop that I’m organising for the WFNB. I need to find time to check out the venue, prepare refreshments, etc.

Tonight I work on NB Ink until it is completed. Tomorrow I need to call bnm tech support. It seems to be the only way to get anything done there. Next week I return to Blackville for another workshop. Sometime I have to find a few minutes to prep for that. I’m starting to lose it a little. To feel buried. Today I turned off my phone ringer and ignored my inbox. I just couldn’t handle the very thought of having to talk to anyone. I just wanted silence, to focus, to get things done. Sometimes I just feel like screaming LEAVE ME ALONE! When seriously nobody is bugging me. They would be shocked and rightly so if I screamed at them. I’ve just over-committed myself to too many projects and I’m feeling it. It’ll get better soon. Things are starting to happen, things are starting to work themselves out. Another week or two and I’ll be in the clear. In the meantime, I try to stay awake and functioning above and beyond the norm.

Mood: tired
Drinking: water
Listening To: Mike Myers, This Poem Sucks
Hair: enjoying the last of its long life

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