For Grandad From Mommy

Arthur Coughlan
March 1, 1919 – November 14, 2004

Remembering Dad

I went to visit my Dad today at his final resting place
As I stood by his lonely graveside, tears rolled down my face
I can’t believe a year has passed since God called him home
He left me treasured memories, but sometimes I feel so alone

Many times all I want, is to see his tiny, crooked smile
To sit down beside him and talk for just a little while
I would always ask this question, “So how are you today, Dad?”
His reply was always the same, “Oh, I’m not too bad”

Dad was always there for me – through all the thick and thin
He was more than a Father. He too was my friend
I would have clung to each day since then, if I had only knew
That his death was only the beginning of sorrow to go through

You see, in a few short months, Mom too passed away
My grief seemed unbearable on that sunny June day
My family home lies in darkness – so quiet and so still
But in my mind I hear it calling, the old house on the hill

So as oft as we can, as a family, we gather there with each other
We laugh and remember the good times and honour our Mother and Father
In our hearts we feel them there with us, watching over us with care
Side by side, hand in hand, for always, in their old rocking chair

– Pauline Underhill
November, 2005

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