Off to Sussex this morning for a writing workshop with Sandra Phinney. Too early. Too little sleep.

Something to do from someone (I forget who). Load your computer with music, randomize, list the top 10. Here’s mine:

1. Wassabi Collective, Blue Woman
2. Broken Social Scene, Passport Radio
3. Hanoi Rocks, In My Darkest Moment
4. Death Cab for Cutie, Tiny Vessels
5. Rage Against the Machine, Know Your Enemy
6. Hellen Stellar, This Time Around
7. Velvet Underground, Crimson & Clover
8. The Notwist, Solitaire
9. Yo La Tengo, Sugarcube
10. Wheat, Don’t I Hold You

Bizarre list. Where has all the Bon Jovi gone?

Mood: tired
Drinking: tea
Listening To: Sarah Harmer, Coffee Stain
Hair: blech!

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