All Nite Long

It’s a good night for an all-night. The kids have a long weekend. No classes tomorrow or Friday. The party started last night. Round two this evening is louder, with many more participants. At least a dozen people on the steps (theirs and mine?) Smoking dope I presume, because they don’t do smelly drugs in the house.

Last night the girl (did I tell you about the girl?) had a fit around 1:30 (Rude Awakening # . . . I’ve lost count) screaming “OUT!!” and chasing the boys from the kitchen to the yard, slamming the door with everything in her. The door is loud just from normal use. I assume they were trying to get away with a little toke inside, it was a chilly night. I could hear what sounded like a pipe.

This is Canada. It’s going to get even chillier. Honest to god, having to wear clothes reeking of crack will be too much for me, I will have to leave. I keep thinking of that two bedroom . . . not a student building . . . seniors, I thought she said . . . *sigh* This is what my life has become, the seniors complex looks pretty good right about now. And I express this with a straight face, simultaneously with the desire to meet more people my own age.

Mood: stressed out
Drinking: water now, just had a cup of tea
Listening To: kids in the yard, in the kitchen, in the hall, on the street
Hair: tied back for business

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