Finally Sunday Night Anxiety came on a Monday night . . . now, I’m officially in over my head. Today I’m determined to cross as many things off my list as humanly possible or die trying. First course of action — Make an F’ing list!

But no simplistic run-of-mill type list will do for me, NOOOOO. I need a big ass six section sub-divided chart. And I mean it, I NEED it to be that way. If I’m ever to have any hope of balance, I’ve got to see and understand what balls I’ve got in the air. My life as I know it consists of:

* Laundry (the basket is full, will be fuller still when I unpack from Moncton)
* Unpack from Moncton
* Dishes (man! the dish fairy is so not willing to work with me here . . . yesterday I made pancakes in a saucepan. Yes, I only have one fry-pan, but still)
* Sweep (there are dust bunnies on top of my dust bunnies, which can only mean even MORE dust bunnies tomorrow)
* Vaccuum (not that it even helps the carpet, but it must pick up something, then I’ll have to sweep the carpet too, it’s all a little raunchy right there now)
* Mail (I’ve got outgoing and incoming expected)
* Sprucing up the Place (there’s a lamp I want to hang, some knick-knacky type things I want to put out, candles, I’ve got some stuff I want to put on the wall, some shelves to take care of, lots of stuff like that I want to do)
* Groceries (need a list, need some foodstuffs)

* BnM blog (I try to post something new several times a week, everyday seems unattainable)
* BnM itself (it’s so huge it can’t even be elaborated on for the sake of the main overview list, but gets a four page list of it’s own, which i won’t include here, but suffice it to say I’ve got 14 new articles in the works since the last time I made a bnm list two weeks ago, 21+ submissions I’ve got to deal with, and 20+ articles I’m currently writing/working on at various stages of completion, probably about 60 bnm stories in the works right now, simultaneously . . . plus the pics and the website and all the editing/design/headlines etc.)

*Workshops (Phinney, Powning, and Mac upcoming, there’s PR work still to be done, I’m hosting the one in Sackville, going to Sussex for another one)
* Website (some design changes need doing)
* Blog (updated daily with at least a Contest of the Day)
* Ink newsletter (to be done by Friday this week, I do all the lay-out/design, copy editing, headline writing, finding the markets and contests info, etc.)

* Poems to read and crit for Wednesday night meeting
* Young adult novel to read and crit for special Sunday afternoon meeting
* Fix my printer so I can print out my stuff to submit to future meetings
* Write a new story

* Full-length novel to read and crit
* Workshop at Access Centre on 24th to prep for
* Miramichi Writers’ Guild anthology to edit
* Inspirational book to edit

* Blog (daily, because it helps keep me sane, even when I really shouldn’t take the time to do it . . . like right now)
* Shopping (kids b’days are all coming up, christmas, i still don’t have anything for stacy for the wedding . . . i’m in shopping hell here)
* Exercise (this means leaving the house to walk and do things, plus yoga stretches and some weights work, this is important for arthritis reasons and I suffer without it, MUST make time)
* Read (for pleasure, not work, I can’t remember the last book I got through from cover to cover, this depresses me)
* Do the research so you can continue writing the book

Those are some of the highlights, some of the contributing factors to my anxious nights. Is it more than anyone else has on their plate at one time? No, I wouldn’t think so, but I’m just not doing a really great job right now of balancing things out and finishing things once started. I’m letting myself be immobilised by this overwhelmed feeling that I have too much to do and no idea what to do first. This has happened to me before and I’ve always come out of it. So, this week, I’m forcing myself to come out of it. I’ve got a list and I’ll cross things off and get my feelings under control so I can sleep like a normal person.

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  1. man, that is a lot. Although if I made a list (and I have made broken-down ones like this) it would probably be at least as big. Especially if I include non-urgent but nice things that *I* think are important for now.

    hmph. Anyway.

    WFNB has a blog?

    (Do I need to send another story for the Miramichi book, or do we know yet?)


  2. WFNB does have a blog, it seems easier to maintain than the previous Grapevine page on the website. http://nbwriters.blogspot.com is the link I believe.

    Don’t know yet whether we need another story for the book, because not many have contributed yet. If nobody else is going to contribute then hell yeah, we’ll need way more than one other story.


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