Another Excursion & Rude Awakening

Heading out to Moncton this morning. Still half-asleep. Didn’t get much rest. Stayed up late and then boys woke me repeatedly with their drunken coming home rituals. “GOOD NIGHT!!” then silence for a good seven minutes while I calm my fluttering heart and drift back to dreamland. “GOOD NIGHT!” The other guy is so drunk it’s taken him this long to respond. A half hour later I’m ripped from my dark slumber, “GRAEME!! ARE YOU OKAY MAN?” Why must this boy yell? But it’s a little troublesome. Graeme is the quiet one, the most nervous, the one who doesn’t seem to party as much as the others, and because I don’t think he has the party experience the others have in my mind he becomes the one most likely to die from a surprise overdose or alcohol poisoning . . . I can’t hear his reply, he’s across the hall in his room. Ten minutes and I’m drifting again when he finally answers, “NO.” Hmm, he’s not okay. I wait for something to happen. But eventually fall asleep and there are no more rude awakenings this night.

This morning I dreamed about my Uncle Clyde. We were kids, all the Underhill cousins. Blake had us in a big Dodge car. A huge gas guzzling boat. Gold coloured. Everyone was there — me, stacy, carol, margie, liane, raelene, sherry, jenn, herschel, janice, joy, etc. It seemed like the whole brood. But it was odd because we weren’t spaced out in age, we were all kids of around 13 or 14. Blake took us to his house and we were out in a garden in the back, but not the garden I remember being there when we were kids. This one was off to the side, over by the woods, and the drills ran horizontally on the hill instead of vertically. I think it was carrots, but they were just starting to come up. Everyone was in the garden, weeding. And Clyde was standing at the far edge right in the trees, just standing there watching the kids work. Stacy and I weren’t in the garden, we were following Blake to go into the house, whispering. Stacy was telling me how she nearly got caught stealing cigarettes from her father. But I wasn’t really listening, I was looking back over my shoulder at Clyde. There were tears in his eyes. I nudged Stacy and pointed. “What’s up with him?” I asked. She shrugged. “It’s hard to be around the kids sometimes.” Then the dream shifted to a scene from a movie. A vampire movie with Christina Ricci. I recognised it immediately. I’ve dreamed this before, or there really is such a movie and I’ve seen it.

Christina has been bitten and become a vampire. Someone wants to stake her, but the guy who is in love with her, her husband or boyfriend I’m not sure, takes her and flees the town. The scene I jump into they are camped in a field and she’s lying on the ground by a fire with her hands tied behind her back. Her fangs are showing and there’s blood around her mouth. She’s struggling to come loose, angry, hissing. And he’s trying to soothe her. (Not sure which actor plays him.) I just get a glimpse of this scene and then I wake up. Six minutes before my alarm is set to go off, so I get up. Is this a real movie? Or have I made it up? Anyone know?

Mood: waking up
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Freebird
Hair: long and loose

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