I’m a Soldier

Okay, I’ve definitely been watching way too much Sopranos this week . . . the dreams last night . . . mama mia! All the smacking around, the cursing, the shots fired . . . And I woke up with the crazy urge to chew gum, paint my nails, and have some zitti with a lot of parm and some vino. Now, I’m going to have to cook. Thank God I finished the last of the season last night and there ain’t no more on the way . . . though there are some other jersey boyz coming soon . . . yep, bon jovi live from london dvd should be waiting for me at the post office right now. If I had any energy I’d go get it . . . and some italian sausage, crushed tomatoes, fresh parm, peppers, mozza, etc. hmmm, maybe I will do that today.

Mood: buoyant
Drinking: not even so much as a cuppa joe so far today
Listening To: rumblies in my tummie
Hair: lighter than it was yesterday and twice as curly!

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