Tuesday Twosome

1. Have you ever said “I Love you” and not meant it? Has someone told you “I Love you” and not meant it?
Absolutely not. It’s stressful enough to say it when I do mean it, why would I bother if I didn’t? But oh yeah, people have definitely told me they loved me and not meant it. I think saying it in general has to mean something to you, has to be something you value, otherwise it loses it’s meaning.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in karma?
I believe in lust at first sight, attraction at first sight . . . maybe love, I dunno. I think we recognise souls from past lives and are naturally drawn to them again. Is this love? Yeah, sometimes I think it is. I’m not sure what is meant by karma . . . what goes around, comes around? You get back what you put out? If so, then yeah, I’m a believer.

3. What person do you trust the most? What person do you trust the least?
Trust is a tricky deal. I think the only person you can ever REALLY trust one hundred percent blindly is yourself. Other people can disappoint you. They can turn on you in situations where you never would have dreamed they would. And it’s completely beyond your control. Not that I’m saying trust nobody, or that I don’t trust. It’s not that at all. I trust people. I’m actually a very trusting person, downright gullible by times. But having been in the situation where I put my blind trust in other people and then had them turn on me, I know this stuff happens, and it’s shocking and painful when it does. But you have to trust yourself that you can deal with the situation, that you’re strong enough to figure it out and move on. Other people don’t always react the way we think they should. We can only control our own reactions. I mean obviously you’ve got to have some faith in other people, and I do, but even my own family hasn’t always had my back in every situation . . . and I would trust any of them with my life. I’m not sure I’m articulating my answer very well, but hopefully you get what I mean and don’t think I’m some paranoid crazy person. I trust me the most, end of story. Anyway, onto the person I trust the least . . . not many liars and cheats in my life anymore, though I’ve had more than my fair share parade through up til now . . . I dunno, can’t think of anyone . . . I guess I’m really the trusting sort. Or I distrust everyone equally 🙂

4. What type(s) of music do you like? What type(s) of music do you dislike?

I love music, all kinds, all genres, pretty much everything — classical, jazz, blues, rock, hip hop, alternative, punk, ska, dance, world, techno, funk, you name it, all of it. Country music spins in and out of my favour though. I have periods where I like it and listen to it, embrace my country side, then periods where I will pull my hair out by the roots if I am forced to endure. Currently, I’m neither embracing nor pulling my hair out. I don’t seek it out, but if it comes up I’m okay with it.

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Who do you think is your celebrity look-a-like?
So many celebrities, so little time. I’m crazy for Jon Bon, of course. Mark Wahlberg is a long-time crush. I’ve got a thing for Ed Harris that not everybody knows about. But I think my main crush right now would have to be Cillian Murphy. I’m buying anything he’s done, no matter how bad the overall movie is, no matter that he’s terrible at accents and should just be all Irish all the time, if he’s in it I’m buying it and watching it a kazillion times. My celebrity look-a-like, hah! I honestly don’t think I have one, though I saw the chick who used to be Amanda on Another World on a tv show the other night (Kevin thought I looked like her). One time when I had darker hair someone said they thought I looked like Shannon Doherty. Yeah, I think not. If I must look like anyone, I pick Angelina of course. I can’t imagine how much collagen I would need to get these thin lips plumped to her status!

Mood: fun
Drinking: water
Listening To: the dryer rumble
Hair: time for a change

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