Month: November 2005

Home Again (tidbits)

It’s good to be home again. No snow here. Green grass still. Warmer temps. Wore my winter coat on a little runaround this afternoon and nearly suffocated. Rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Sackville may be the perfect spot, cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter . […]

Da Girlz

Taking advantage of the Keenan’s family portrait absence to check email and blog. Sherry, Jenn, Marilyn, Carol, Liane, Raelene, Janice and myself in attendance last night. Good times! Confessions of firsts, an airing of the list. Usual suspects in common — Jon Bon, Tommy boy, the Pittster, etc. […]

Callum Speaks Again

Bloody hell! Just as I was starting to get used to being ignored, my Irishman reared his head today and spoke for the first time in months. But what is it? An ending? A new path? Melancholic crap? Unexpected regardless. Probably useless prewriting. ******* In the distance children […]

Your Eyes Should Be Green Your eyes reflect: Striking attractiveness and danger What’s hidden behind your eyes: A vivid inner world What Color Should Your Eyes Be?

The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick You do things your own way – and it’s made for colorful times.Your life hasn’t turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness! Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre […]

Today’s Horoscope

Incredible feelings of enthusiasm, optimism, and sheer joy could fill your heart and mind today, Kellie. Your life is changing in a positive way, and even though it may not be readily apparent, you’re sensing it intuitively. Romance with someone from far away could be in the offing. […]

The Restless Kind

So exhausted from the weekend that I missed Sunday Night Anxiety this week. Missed it, but haven’t escaped totally obviously, cuz here I be this early Tuesday morn, wide-eyed and anxious. So what do I do when I can’t sleep? Do I work on things I should? Hell […]

Pig & Runt

Watched Disco Pigs. Oh boy. How fucking disturbing is this film? Why must I love the movies that rip the heart and soul out of me? I’ve seen it probably three or four times before, but not in recent years. I forgot how it kills me. I put […]

On the Fourth Day . . .

she arises from the wine stupor and ascends into blogdom . . . Had a good weekend. Friday morning I awoke with the somewhat sudden and horrific realisation that Beth Powning was going to come to my house on Saturday, the same week my place was officially declared […]