Monday Madness

1. Name 1 comedy movie you’ve seen.
There’s Something About Mary . . . why this is the one I think of, I do not know.

2. Name 2 black and white films you remember seeing.
Seen lots of black and white, movies were better back in the day when they had to rely on acting and plots instead of special effects . . . of course a lot of the b/w flicks got colourized later on . . . Off the top of my head — Casablanca and All About Eve

3. Name 3 dramas you thought were worth watching.
Dramatic cinema, hmmm, so many to pick from, so little time . . . And worth watching is hardly a huge endorsement . . . everything is worth watching once in my opinion. Ok, here goes: Vanilla Sky, Titanic, Mystic River . . . but holy frig there are so many!

4. Name 4 television shows you watch on a regular (or semi-regular) basis.
The L Word, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Deadwood

5. Name 5 things that, in your opinion, are advertised on television too frequently.
DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS and DRUGS!! Like really, all those allergy meds, and get skinny meds, and cure your arthritis meds and get it up meds and all those meds you have to visit the website in order to understand what they’re for . . . really bad on the American channels in particular. Even worse than the fast food chains.

Mood: stuffed to the gills with supper
Drinking: yeah, just a little, it IS Halloween and I AM a Barnbonian at heart
Listening To: Eagles, Take it Easy
Hair: up to one side

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