Friday Feast

You know, you can play along with any of these . . . I think I’m doing so many memes and quizzes in hopes that one of them will entice Jenn to blog.

Do you button shirts top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top?

top to bottom

What is your favorite sandwich?

not much for sandwiches per say, probably a blt or clubhouse though if i had to pick

What was a family project you helped work on as a child?

you’re kidding right?

Main Course
When have you acted phony?

i think i act phony all the time, on purpose, for kicks and laughs . . . unfortunately i’m such a good actress, nobody else realises 😉

Do you write letters or postcards? If so, to whom?

i do not, but i’ve been thinking this would be a good thing to start doing for the kids

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