Casual Curiosity #3

Instructions: Give your opinion on each of the 5 subjects below. Descriptive links are provided if you want to know more about the subject. What do you think about…

# the use of corsets
# Star Wars, the movie
# the possibility of a bird flu epidemic
# actor Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier”)
# Horror fiction

on corsets: i think i could get into the whole corset thing if i had one that actually fit, one with laces. i’m not a big fan of the suck you in spandex thingys because they’re damn uncomfortable and they don’t evenly distribute your body, but shove all the fat right out front so your gut looks even more huge than it really is, because it’s your gut and breasts and ass all shoved to the front and held there with lycra . . . this is not good. a real corset though would probably be good for posture and everything, might be just the thing to help my back carry around the heavy load aka my breasts

on star wars: i’m indifferent, not a fan, not prone to lining up for days to be the first to see the next episode . . . in fact, i haven’t seen the whole series, i don’t even know if i’ve seen all of the original. i liked the wookie . . . but i’m more of a star trek girl, planet of the apes, battlestar galatica, logan’s run . . . that’s more the sci-fi stuff i’ve been into. not that i’m dissing star wars, i’m sure it’s fine, i’ve just never bothered to see it.

on the bird flu: pretty scary stuff, but not surprising. i’ve given up watching the news, given up worrying about these terrifying things that may or may not happen but i’ll not be able to control one way or the other. i worry way more about tornadoes and hurricanes and ice storms and all kinds of severe weather though than i do about the bird flu, and i guess that’s just because the severe weather is happening everyday all around us very close by, and the bird flu isn’t.

on kelsey grammer: i liked frasier, but niles was my favourite character. i wouldn’t say i’ve given kelsey grammer another thought since the series ended.

on horror fiction: bram stoker’s dracula is one of my favourite novels of all time and i really enjoy poe and kafka. i like some of stephen king’s earlier work but really feel like he hasn’t written anything decent since he started enjoying success with his writing and more publishing demands were put on him. anne rice is pretty good, though i find most of her work more erotic than frightening. koontz has been known to scare the crap out of me, but like King he’s cranking out too much stuff and the quality is suffering for quantity. clive barker is wicked stuff, demented, disturbed, haven’t read any of his stuff in years, but he’s good. books of blood were freaking insane. i haven’t read much horror fiction in recent years, tried to write a little, unsuccessfully i might add, but overall i do enjoy the genre.

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