Hurricane Time . . . Again

Back from the runaround to the bank, post office and save-easy (there are no easy savings there!) Made it back moments before the rain really started coming down. My left foot ached so bad on the walk I nearly turned around and came home before I even got halfway to the curling club, but I somehow managed to limp out and back without hopefully causing too much damage.

Wine Fest tickets came in the mail today! Yay! Trish and I are going to have an awesome time. What an adventure that will be I’m sure!

Bought $25 worth of meat (questionable?) on what passes for a sale at the grocery store — a smallish turkey breast, four thick centre cut pork chops, a pack of medium ground hamburger that I divided into four small servings, and some riblets I divided into four REALLY small servings which I’ll no doubt end up cooking two packages at a time so I should’ve just divided into two servings to begin with, but whatever.

Both my hands (fingers, knuckles, palms, wrists) are a mess of aching stiffness. Both my knees too. The left foot as I mentioned before. And my left shoulder too. Blah! It’s hard to stay positive, stay upbeat, function like a normal human being, get anything done, when just the act of sitting or lying still hurts so much. If I had a bathtub I would spend the afternoon soaking in salts and nearly unbearable hot water. But the smurf shower isn’t very helpful in this respect. Sometimes I think about that other apartment, the one with the high ceilings and wood floors and two bedrooms . . . and friggin’ bathtub in a normal sized bathroom . . . I think about it and wonder if I made the right choice afterall.

I’ve had to turn up the heat, see if I can get some of the dampness out of my bones, see if the electric heat sinus pain around the eyes, stuffed up nose and headache will be the lesser of the two evils.

Is it too early for cognac? It’s after 5pm somewhere. Paris? Rome?

Sometimes I need to complain. And since I have nobody here to physically converse with, complaints get dumped onto the blog. No need to worry about me though, I’m sure I’ll be fine once this tropical . . . whatever the hell it is now . . . passes.

Mood: dark
Drinking: water
Listening To: rain pounding on the roof
Hair: keeping me warm

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