Oh my pounding head! Shh! Don’t say nothing.

What a fine day I had yesterday once I recovered from my early morning awakening. Marilyn picked me up at 7:30 sharp and we drove to Fredericton. It’s much further to Fredericton from here than Blackville. About 2 and a half hours. I’ve always taken the bus, which seems to take forever anyways with all the stopping and waiting etc. So I didn’t really understand how long the trip would take straight through. The meeting went well. We’ve got an awesome board I think. It seems like it’s going to be a positive group with everyone pulling some of the weight. This is important not always a given. After the meeting we went to Dimitris for lunch. I knew Stacy and I would be going out later so I just got the chicken pita and a glass of wine. Their prices are pretty good.

It wasn’t too long after I got home that Stacy arrived. We went to the liquor store and I got a few bottles of wine and some of that Navan Cognac I tried last weekend at the Whiskey Fest, the stuff infused with black vanilla, can you say yummy? Then we went to The Olive restaurant for dinner. It’s official — this is now my absolute favourite place, certainly in Sackville, but it also ranks right up there for favourite anywhere in the province.

I had chicken stir-fry (chicken breast with huge chunks of broccoli, zucchini, red pepper, red onion, and mushroom in a ginger-sesame sauce) on a on a bed of wild rice (FINALLY! Someone who gets the rice right!) It was fantastic! Two glasses of wine, just the house red, but their wine list was quite impressive, some nice bottles I could’ve and would’ve ordered if someone besides me had been drinking wine. But perhaps the most amazing part was the dessert. No frozen packaged stuff out of Montreal for these kids! Uh-uh, no way, this was the real McCoy made fresh in-house daily (just like their bread). I had the New York Cheesecake with berries and it was to die for and it was a frigging HUGE slice and it was only $4.95!! I couldn’t believe it. When he brought the dessert I thought for sure I was in for at least 8 bucks.

Stacy had a pasta dish and a chocolate dessert and her dinner was equally as wonderful. I’m thinking I should just buy a laptop and move my office over there, take advantage of their free wireless . . . really, it was THAT yummy. Impressive. Come visit and we’ll go.

After dinner was Jovi Time! We stayed up until after 4 and drank and talked and watched concert footage and interviews and had a fantabulous time! How excited are we to be going to see this concert now?! Don’t even ask.

Mood: headachy
Drinking: coffee with cream, spiked with Navan (vanilla cognac)
Listening To: rain pound on the roof and my new favourite Internet radio station TheRock Radio.com
Hair: pulled back in a white scrunchie to match my white sweater, yesterday’s Freddy clothes reassembled for convenience sake

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  1. I must elaborate on the chocolate dessert. Us chocolate lovers have all had the Death by Chocolate, triple chocolate, chocaholic variety of desserts. This one was in a league of it’s own. Two inches high…4 inches across the back…a crunchy, chewy, chocolate browny with chocolate sauce…and…oh it was to die for!

    The boy serving wasn’t too bad either. He did a check back on us about 1/2 way through dessert…not a good time. “And how is everything ladies?” he asked coyly. All I remember is looking up at him with glazed eyes and chocolate dripping off my lip and uttering a slow, guttural “hhhhmmmmmmmmmm”. Kellie I believe was doing the same. He blushed momentarily then a look of recognition swept over his peach fuzzed face…he knew we were the older women his mother had warned him about. He slowly backed away.


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