Bless Me Readers . . .

for I have sinned. It’s been four days since my last post.

Tidbits You May or May Not Know From the Road Thus Far:

– caught bus to fredton with 1 minute to spare
– calmed down by Oromocto
– arrived alive
– pasta and wine pre-whiskey
– Absenthe tastes like black licorice but didn’t make me want to cut off an ear
– Vanilla Cognac is yummy!
– Bowmore Darkest Cherry Cask wins Best of Show
– Whiskey Fests are F-U-N!
– Inuit artists make rare Maritimers
– Poetry can happen in the middle of a rainy afternoon
– Chicken curry and shiraz pre-Rage
– Intensity/Integrity of Rage needs to be seen to be appreciated
– Full-pot coffee mornings necessary for survival
– Actual food in Blackville kitchen, edible
– Kids grow like weeds
– How do people see 6am everyday and sleep?
– Six stories out of SE2005 on the do

The story continues . . .

Mood: jetlagged
Drinking: my kingdom for a glass
Listening To: co-workers make my head spin
Hair: Fan-fuckin-tastic! (Popular Opinion)

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