Just can’t wait to get on the road again . . .

Leaving in the a.m. but not on a jet plane. Lots to do still to be ready. But then we all know I’m never really ready. Something will be forgotten. Something will be left undone. I must not forget to pack new Bon Jovi CD/DVD for Sherry’s viewing pleasure. Also need to take Episodes of Deadwood Season One and Sopranos Season Five on DVD for Dad’s viewing. Need Stones pix to show everyone. As well as Joe’s paparazzi wedding pics. I am packing so light! It’s freaky how low maintenance I can be. I’m getting good at this packing stuff again. I used to come home from Toronto with just a knapsack and stay three weeks. It’s all in the planning. I haven’t packed a single thing yet, but for two days I’ve been working it out in my head, what goes, what stays and how we all get there.

This little jaunt begins another episode where I’ll feel like I’m never home again I’m sure. Because I really am such a home-body. Tomorrow is Fredericton and whiskey (and wine). Saturday is northside fredville for artist. Sunday is Blackville. Monday is Chatham. Tuesday is train to Sackville. Wednesday is catch-up with crap day. Thursday night is a reading at the Library. A visit from Mary of the WFNB happens on Friday. I go to Freddy next Saturday again for WFNB Board meeting. Followed that evening by a Bon Jovi festival of sorts that will last well into Sunday I’m sure and involve much food and drink and gabbing.

Then I rest.

Until November . . . which is shaping up to be a bit busy too.

First weekend is Wine Festival in Moncton with company coming and an old-fashioned sleep-over. Same day is writing workshop and reading in Moncton. I could do all of these things if company was agreeable and we stayed overnight in the city. But I’m not sure I’ll want to do those things after hours of wine sampling. Best to play it by ear maybe. A writers group meeting on the 9th. Off to Sussex on the 12th for a workshop. Off to the other side of town on the 13th for a writer group novel discussion (this means I must read the whole novel and be able to discuss intelligently by this time). The following weekend a workshop here at the library that I’m kinda sorta organising, so I need to do the PR, make posters, post them, etc. Then I’m back at the Blackville Access Centre on the 24th to give another workshop. Yes, imagine that! Back by popular demand. Will wonders never cease. And I’ll probably visit with the family that weekend. The next weekend is a poetry workshop in Moncton . . . but I don’t know about that . . . do I want to embarrass myself by trying to write poetry? I’m not sold. But we’ll see, I don’t totally want to diss the Moncton workshops, and this is looking like the only one I’ll be available to attend. And that takes us into December and Christmas and New Year’s and all that great stuff . . . And then January and Toronto!! Yay me!

I am still undecided about what to do about Christmas. To go to Mom’s or have my own. That is a question. One thing decidedly true is that I will not be cooking a turkey, no matter what 🙂

Mood: manic
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: The Tragically Hip, Little Bones
Hair: in spirals


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