Rainy Day Tasks

Climbing out from under my rock and confronting the mess that is my inbox this morning. Fun, yeah!

But seriously, it’s a good thing to delete, to file, to reply . . . It is piss-pouring rain here. Heavy rainfall warning in effect. Another tropical storm. Woke me up early, earlier than usual, drumming on the roof.

Household chores on tap. Somebody’s gotta do it! The good faeries never seem to drop by my place. Maybe they are too busy taking care of the boys in the house. Those boys. Their dishes get done daily (they have a dishwasher!). Laundry happens like clockwork every every evening. Garbage hits the curb every week . . . there’s faeries or something over there for sure.

Mood: wet
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: running water
Hair: yuck!

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