The Camster

Put in Singles dvd while I was eating my supper tonight. Intended to just watch while I ate and then pop it out, but you know me, I got sucked in. It’s Cameron Crowe! What can I say? Impossible to pull out a half hour in. Cameron is a movie god. He’s my favourite writer/director by far. I love everything he touches. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Say Anything, Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky — the man is genius. I’m dying to see Elizabethtown. So I slipped in Singles and ended up watching the whole thing again. It’s Seattle, early 90’s, Pearl Jam does an awesome cameo . . . that’s one thing about Cameron that makes him awesome, the music, the man knows music. His soundtracks are awesome. And I don’t know if it’s just me or people my age or what, but he’s got this way of making all the stories feel like they’re about me. I so identify with everything he writes. I enjoy his humour, his attention to detail, his dialogue, the way he portrays the world. His movies make me laugh, make me cry, sometimes rip my heart out and leave me for roadkill (Vanilla Sky!) but I’m helpless to stop watching. I always want more. I think if I ever made movies these are the kind of films I would be trying to do. So why am I telling you all this? Because tonight I put in Singles and it made me smile, made me think, made me relax, just made me feel good and I think that’s worth noting.

Mood: comfy
Drinking: coffee/hot chocolate/brandy mixture that is quite yummy and inspiring
Listening To: Save the Last Dance for Me, Jon Bon Jovi & Tom Waits live
Hair: dunno if these locks will survive til TO or not

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