Month: September 2005


Maybe it’s not that I have nothing more to say. Maybe I’m too aware of the audience. I no longer write with abandon. Will so and so think this is about them and take it the wrong way? Become offended? Will anyone know this is fiction or will […]


I may or may not have a sinus infection. I’m feeling kinda crappy and have been for a few days. I’ve got that pain around my eyes sinus type thing going on . . . and I am prone to infection, especially this time of the year. I […]

Welcome to Wherever You Are

Maybe we’re all different but we’re still the sameWe all got the blood of Eden running through our veinsI know sometimes it’s hard for you to seeYou’re caught between just who you are and who you want to be If you feel alone and lost and need a […]

Little Ditty Bout …

Queen & Roncesvalles Ancient house looks like it might collapse in mild gust of wind, boards falling off, covered in grime. Cindy’s new home with Donnie, the eldest birdseed brother of Newfoundland. Not the one with the wavy blonde hair to his shoulders that I have secret (or […]


Bon Jovi’s new album drops today. There is no record store in Sackville. Wednesday I go to Moncton for Mighty meetings where I will run to the Highfield Square HMV or whatever it is directly from the bus station and purchase the CD before meeting Mighty crew for […]

New Arrivals

See, I told ya I was busy . . . days might go by without a post. No time to slow down and chat now either, I’ve got to go to the Irving and pick up a parcel. Earlier I picked up my Sears Outlet parcel and tried […]

Rainly Day Blahs

Ophelia moves from my right to take up new residence in left knee. This is the way it’s supposed to be. Looking out the window wondering if it’s too late to build an ark. Maybe the boys have one already and will take me away with them. They […]


The right side of my body knows Ophelia’s around. Wrist and knee full of woe. Unusual, the left side should’ve alerted me days ago . . . but still has perfect motion. Sackville is under Heavy Rainfall Warning. Amherst too, but they’ve also got a Tropical Storm warning. […]

Too Much Pressure

Gemini’s Daily Horoscope Some rather intense and vivid dreams could inspire you to embark on some in-depth study of a subject that specifically interests you, Kellie. This could involve the arts, philosophy, or metaphysics. Travel plans to one of the world’s great spiritual centers, such as Jerusalem, Glastonbury […]