Month: August 2005


So, unless by some obscene miracle Andrew has Saturday off, I have an extra ticket to the concert this weekend that I can’t even give away. Who would’ve thunk that it would come to this? I’m tempted to go out to the bars on Friday night and kidnap […]

A Dollar Short

It’s almost 5 pm and I’m done, can’t work anymore today, yesterday, I don’t think. The new email worked, some tweaking, but not bad. Positive feedback immediately from some readers/ contributors. Will be better when the new site is ready too. Cooking a few chicken wings now, gonna […]

Blog Day 2005

In honour of Blog Day 2005 I’m supposed to recommend five new Blogs different from my culture, point of view, attitude, etc. I’m not a hundred per cent certain that all of these qualify, but since I do read them and they don’t belong to the usual suspects […]

Hell on Earth

Is everyone on crack? Or is it just me? I don’t mean that I’m on crack, obviously. I mean is there something wrong with me or is everyone else on crack? Some of these things . . . I really should know by now . . . awww […]

An Unscheduled Break

Ohhh, this just gets better and better. This happened the other night too and I went to bed in the frustration of it all. Every friggin’ morning at 4:30 my Internet connection disappears. I mean disappears completely. I get booted off and can’t get back on. Aliant obviously […]

Another Break

My body hates me. Arthritis flaring in fingers, wrists, ankles, knees, neck and let us not forget the spine. Nothing like some good aching in the vertebrae to propel you forward in your work. Have I mentioned how much I loathe Internet Explorer? No. Well I do. I […]

What classic movie diva are you?

Your inner classic movie diva is: ElizabethTaylor “La Liz” is best known for her longcareer, striking beauty, and many husbands.Whether playing the role of an innocent teen(National Velvet), a prostitute (Butterfield8), or Queen Cleopatra, Liz has always beenadaptable and in command of the situation. Yet, like all of […]

Another All-Nighter

Just taking a break, not having a Kit Kat, ingesting some peanut butter for protein energy. Purchased wine earlier, if I were smart I would’ve also purchased whiskey or brandy or something to help me get through this long night. Something to spike my coffee. Wine doesn’t cut […]


The students are here. One day they weren’t and the next they were. Half a dozen charred mattress remains surrounded by orange pilons in the residence parking lot. Are the fire department investigating? Why is the area cordoned off? People everywhere in the street, asking directions, greeting long […]

Different Day, New Stuff

I tried all day yesterday to extricate myself from work to run to the Save-Easy for essential items (garbage bags, coffee, cream, veggies), pick up the mail, and get some printer ink. I couldn’t get away from work though, couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t. I’ve got so much to do […]