Month: December 2004

The Blurry Season

This is just the craziest time of year, isn’t it? Days and weeks are passing by so quickly it’s all just one big fuzzy blur. I went into the office on Monday after having not slept at all Sunday night. I mean my head did not so much […]

Who Would’ve Thunk It?

As little as two or three years ago if you had said that one day winter would be my favourite season, I would’ve booted you out of the room with a good old fashioned Elaine-style “GET OUT!!” But I gotta say I’m loving this little cold snap we’re […]

Now YOU can shut up . . .

Yeah, you know who you are . . . So for those who wondered, it’s Saturday night and here I am. I’ve been very busy the past week or so, not very chatty. Preoccupied. Highlights to catch you up to speed — *I had to send a third […]