Month: November 2004

And the Thunder Rolls

We had thunder storms last night . . . Thunder, lightning, heavy rain — even seemed like hail at one point. Kind of unusual to have that sort of thing around here this time of the year. It is nearly December. This morning it is zero degrees outside. […]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Went and saw the Bridget Jones sequel with the girls tonight. Funny! It’s a good movie to go see with your girlfriends. I especially enjoyed the skiing scene. Crazy things must happen to everyone the first time they go downhill skiing . . . and all this time […]

Back on the Chain Gang

I’m in the midst of another insane week! Lot’s going on. Today I have to finish the WFNB newsletter and get it in the mail for overnight delivery so Mary has it tomorrow. I’ve got to get up to speed with Bread ‘n Molasses and other things related […]

Time Passages

It feels like years have passed since my grandfather went into the hospital. And I’m not kidding, literally years. Grandad passed away last Sunday after six days in palliative care . . . six days of pure Hell in the stress department. This death has been harder on […]

The Best Medicine

My grandfather’s condition worsens. My mother and all her siblings were at the hospital all evening again today. Granddad is kind of in and out of it. Mom says he has that look in his eyes and she thinks he can see the light. If you lean right […]

Better Days

It’s been a hellish day. Too much work to do, no sleep, and I’ve done nothing but talk on the phone all day. With such a large family it’s hard to keep the flow of information going, to keep everyone in the loop . . . and today […]

Lawnmower Man

I slept about 2 hours. I laid down at 6 am to try and sleep a few hours until 9 . . . but I couldn’t sleep. I was too tired to continue working, my brain had gone to mush, but too wound up to sleep — I […]

Constant Craving

I had to chew gum to control a cigarette craving a few minutes ago . . . I seldom crave them anymore. I honestly can’t remember the last time. I’m one of those annoying former smokers who can’t stand anything about cigarettes anymore, the smell, the smoke, the […]

Vanilla Sky

If I’ve talked about this before, I’m sorry. But I watched some of Vanilla Sky tonight . . . AGAIN!! And I just have to talk about it. I put it in just to kill time, thought I’d watch some of the commentary track with Cameron Crowe. He […]

Love & Happiness

All over the web in blogs and on message boards and all the places I hang around, Americans are reeling from the election results. I haven’t run into any who wanted this outcome. And this strikes me as a little odd, because it really wasn’t that close (not […]