Month: October 2004

More Turds

I should’ve known better than to mention Nick’s crap the other day . . . Today was a bad day . . . I can’t even talk about it . . . Three hours outside . . . one pair of scissors, two rags, a soapy bucket of […]


Late last night, as I worked into the wee hours yet again (I’ve seen 4am every day this week) my sneaky suspicion materialized — I’m going to have to touch up EVERY PAGE published so far this year, EVERY SINGLE PAGE!! It’s not enough that I took the […]

Footnote from my Past

Tonight Kaitlyn sent me a poem she wrote that reminded me of one I had written when I was just a little bit older than she is now. I think I was 14. I kept that poem for some reason, I think because I liked the idea and […]

Nerds & Turds

Turns out the Nick Nolte Diary is not being written by Nick Nolte, which makes it slightly less fun to read. I should have guessed earlier that if it sounded too much like Nick Nolte it had to be aspiring screen writers. Get the full scoop from E! […]

Worker Bee Mode

What an insane time I’m having with work. We’re in the process of changing to a new design. I had a new issue ready to go on the weekend but I held it back a little because Jen had a new column coming in. In the meantime Joy […]

Roughing it in the Bush

Oh Mrs. Moodie! I’ve never been able to finish your book . . . and now I think I know why. I don’t find your “roughing it” experience to be all that exciting because it’s just old hat around these parts. This morning as Nick and I trekked […]

What a Day!

My sinus infection was nearly the death of me today. I’ve been feverish all day, practically falling asleep in my chair as I tried to get stuff done. I do have this to show for my efforts, but the finishing touches that I anticipated taking an hour or […]

Forgotten Already Forgotten

I went to the movies this weekend and saw The Forgotten with Juliane Moore. I was a bit disappointed by it. I had seen all of the scary parts in the previews and I had hoped the plot revolved around something more complicated and less stereotypical than aliens […]

Flexing my Writing muscles . . .

When I used to write creatively everyday, working on short stories and novels, I would begin the day with an excercise to get my brain cells into the creative spirit. Sometimes I’d write a little essay, but more often than not I would write cheesy little pieces of […]

Oh, the crisp air!

Man! Does the crisp fall air ever take me back! I’m reminded of . . . school dances . . . Every year we would go to the first one in the fall and then decide they were too lame and never go to anymore until the next […]