Month: September 2004

Like A Virgin

I’m back! And what a fantastic weekend I had in Fredericton! The bus ride over was pretty good Thursday afternoon. The driver was a non-smoker, no-nonsense, all business type of dude so he drove a pretty good clip and didn’t prolong the few stops along the way. We […]

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

I’m going freaking nuts!! I have to get out of this house and escape to my nice hotel room in Freddy Beach! The house is infested with bugs. And not the cute little bugs you saw in A Bug’s Life, NOOOO, I’m talking big mother fucking spiders! HUGE!!! […]

Freddy Play by Play

My overnight excursion to Fredericton was fabulous and now I’m really looking forward to going back this week. The bus got in on time but Mary was not waiting to pick me up. I found out later that she went to pick me up on Wednesday, but even […]

From the Road . . .

As I stare out the bus window, it occurs to me how simply I could just disappear. What if I got on another bus in Fredericton headed to Montreal or Maine? Nobody would notice me missing until tomorrow. What would they think when I didn’t get off the […]

And I’m Off!

Well, today’s the day. Gotta pack! I’m leaving for Fredericton at 3 this afternoon, get there a little before 5pm. Mary might be there to pick me up. Busy evening planned and I’ll be back here by early tomorrow afternoon. Such a flying trip! I’ll probably end up […]

Sign of the Times

Outside this morning with Nick I noticed some huge toadstools. And I mean HUGE!! Like I expected Papa Smurf to run out from the garden and shake a big stick at me. I can’t ever remember seeing this many mushrooms and things growing around the dooryard. It’s just […]