Month: April 2004

Fiddler’s Moon

I’m in the banquet room at the Rodd, sitting off by myself, alone, because I can’t trust my emotion not to give way in front of the others. Matilda Murdoch is playing the fiddle. I’m transported back in time to 1600’s Ireland. I’m moved to tears. I may […]

Irrational thoughts

I have this completely irrational fear that someone is watching me . . . that I’ll turn around and a strange man will be standing there . . . that he’ll have snuck into the house or he’ll appear in the picture window outside standing on the deck […]

On the subject of love . . .

I no longer believe. That is such a difficult revelation for me to make. I don’t mean to you, the unknown masses who have decided to follow my madness. I mean it’s very difficult for me to admit this to myself. No matter what has happened or how […]